Profleet Ltd.

complete solutions in the management of various size and specificity fleet
for business and personal cars

Profleet Ltd.

Specialists know in detail specifics of care for fleets
managed over the years to 400 cars

Profleet Ltd.

collaboration with the best painters and sheet metalworkers

Profleet Ltd.

collaboration with proven garages

About Profleet

Profleet Ltd. is established in 2008 with one main purpose – to create and develop the missing on the Bulgarian market outsourced service –  Fleet Management.
Profleet Ltd is offering full and complete service of managing different in size and type of business car fleets. It is quite appropriate also for private customers (full or partial service).
For both corporate and private customers we offer excellent conditions and special discounts with high quality, trying to fulfil all clients’ needs.
Profleet has negotiated and signed a lot of contracts for distributing various products and services at competitive prices.

  • We save time for our clients;
  • Our crew is from very well trained specialists in the field of Fleet Management.
    Some of them have experience with fleets of a more than 400 units (vehicles);
  • We deliver fast and high quality services;
  • Clients needs and requests are always number one.

Company Fleet

You want to reduce your car fleet expenses?
You need a professional care for all your vehicles and reduce the incoming documents and invoices from different vendors?
You want to receive all kind of papers only from one contractor?
This is now possible with our complete maintenance and administration service for business vehicles.
We don’t mind the number of vehicles or type of your business.
We can provide service considered with your personal requirements and needs.

  • Reducing expenses for own “Transport” department;
  • Input and saving of all needed fleet information in our own secure and reliable software product;
  • Decreasing expenses on different materials and services – service stations, tires, accessories etc. Profleet has contracted excellent conditions with service stations,spare parts importers and other variable vendors from car industry. With all this we guarantee best quality at reasonable price to our clients;
  • All reports that Accounting Division usually prepares for the Management can now be made from Profleet employees on a regular basis;
    RThe volume of documents from vendors will be reduced;
  • Coordination with one vendor for all services needed for your car fleet.

Private Vehicles

Don’t have time to make regular maintenance of your own vehicle?
Tired of paying the workshops and service stations for unknown problems and too expensive spare parts?
You’re unable to keep track of expiring terms of insurances, annual technical reviews, vignettes or taxes?
You are not allowed to leave work to handle claim? Does it sound familiar?
We can help you in each of these cases. Use our service Fleet Management. With it you:

Save time, nerves and money for:

  • Claims handling;
  • Renewal of insurance policies;
  • Technical maintenance of your car;
  • Annual technical review;
  • Season change of tires;
    СStorage of tires – if you have nowhere to store extra set of tires, we can keep it under the best conditions;
  • We will remind you to pay your state tax on vehicles;
  • Registration of your new or second hand car to the traffic police and the tax office;
    Providing a service station (workshop);
  • Spare parts;
  • Car wheels and tires;
  • Car batteries.

* All this at reasonable prices and high quality products!

Additional Services

We provide you:

  • Purchase, inspection and certification of gas installations;
  • Road Assistance;
  • GPS systems;
    Consultation in selection, purchase and transfer of car;
  • Transport Audit;
    Registration of a car with traffic police authorities;
  • Ekotax purchasing;
    Organizing tenders for sale or purchase of vehicles and equipment;
  • Contact, negotiating or organizing tenders with leasing companies;
  • Rent-a-driver;
  • All types of insurance policies.

With us you can purchase:

  • Spare parts;
  • Engine oil;
  • Car tires;
  • Car batteries.

Contact Us

Profleet Ltd.
Sofia, Bulgaria,
General Liprandy 110
Mobile.: 0888 500 576 / 0895 500 576